Financial Planning

Long Financial Planning offers Full Financial Planning, Financial Reviews, and Retirement Plan Rollover Services.

Full financial planning works best for clients who:

  • Have financial assets (including 401k plans) of >$1,000,000 or incomes >$250,000.
  • Are facing major life changes in the new few years.
  • Want a thorough review of their financial situation including:
    • Cash Flow
    • Investments
    • Estate Planning
    • Insurance
    • Retirement Scenarios
    • College Planning
    • Mortgages/Home Purchase Plans
    • What-if scenarios and understanding the trade-offs between short-term and long-term goals
    • Written Recommendations
    • Assistance with implementing recommendations
    • Ongoing assistance and support
    • Pro-active plan reviews
    • Asset Management
  • Want to delegate some of the execution of their investment management to a trusted advisor or get assistance in self-managing.
  • Want a long-term relationship with a financial advisor.

A Financial Review works best for clients who:

  • Have financial assets of <$500,000 and incomes of <$150,000
  • Want a quick review of their investments, cash flow, estate planning, and insurance.
  • Are willing to execute the recommendations themselves.
  • Are willing to take notes during our meeting and do not need written recommendations.
  • Financial situation is fairly uncomplicated.
The Personal Retirement Analysis works best for clients who:
  • Have a retirement plan (e.g. 401k) balance of $250,000 or more at a former employer
  • Don’t trust a broker or insurance salesperson to give you advice that is not influenced by earning a sales commission
  • Want to get objective advice about what to do with the money
  • Want to examine if rolling over into a Roth IRA could make sense for them

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