You want a mechanic not a used car salesman

We’ve all heard the story of someone who buys a used car and then takes it to a mechanic and finds out there are all kinds of problems which are really expensive to fix.  The car looked great and the salesman was really sincere. . .

Sound familiar?  I often see people make big financial decisions the same way that and end up with buyer’s remorse because the did not want to take the time or spend the money to get an unbiased opinion.  In many of these situations they have received the advice of a “financial advisor” but unfortunately, he was really a salesperson in disguise, just like the guy at the car dealer.  All he really cared about was selling you the product (annuity, life insurance policy, mutual fund, etc.)

What you want is the mechanic, someone who can give you objective advice, that is not selling you anything, and whom you pay directly, not through the purchase of a product.  Sure the advice is not free, but it’s definitely worth it.

Drive safe.