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Individuals and Couples

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Are you looking for full service financial planning where all of your financial concerns are addressed, from your investments to your cash flow, insurance, and major purchases (house, car)?

Do you feel your are not in control of your investments, and your assets are scattered in way that makes it hard for you to know where you stand?

Do you lack the time or inclination to manage some of your financial matters and would like to outsource or automate some of those tasks while still being involved the strategic decision making?

Would you like to have one place where you can view your financial life and where changes to your plan are instantly reflected?

Do you want to work directly with a highly educated experienced CFP(r) who limits his client base to offer personalized service to his clients?

Is it time for you to “get serious” about planning for your future?

Are you in a same sex relationship and want to work with an advisor who understands your needs?

Are you looking for asset management that is tied to your overal financial plan and tracked on a real-time basis.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, take the quiz to see if you could become our next client!





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