Full Financial Planning

In an Full Financial Planning relationship we work with you on your entire financial life and first provide you with a detailed written road map to achieve your short and long-term goals. We also assist you in implementing your plan since implementation is where many plans fail. We continue to work over the long-term with you to keep your plan on track through all of the changes that happen in your life. 

We even provide you with your own personal Financial Planning Website that pulls everything together for you and automatically alerts us to changes in your financial situation.

Who is it best for?
Full Financial Planning works best for clients who:

  • Are anticipating major life changes over the next several years (retirement, new child, career change, home purchase) and need some help sorting through the financial implications of those changes.
  • Have suddenly received a life changing sum of money and are afraid of making the wrong decisions with it.
  • Want to work with an advisor who does not sell any products and has taken a written oath to work in his clients’ best interests.
  • Wants to delegate the management of their assets to their advisor or get assistance to self-manage them.
  • Have financial assets (including 401k plans) of >$1,000,000 and/or incomes >$250,000

How does it work?
Before you engage us you will have the opportunity to meet with us in person at our office to discuss your situation and see if there is a good fit between your needs and the services we offer. We will also determine if we think we can help you based on your needs.

If we both feel that there is a potential fit we will prepare and send to you a Letter of Engagement for Full Financial Planning.

During the first several months of working together we will conduct a full financial review of your current situation, future goals, and major decisions you face. We will develop a written plan that addresses each of these issues. This plan will serve the road map for our action plan to use your financial resources to achieve your most important life goals.

We will meet several times during the first few months to complete the written plan usually every 3-6 weeks. The meetings will cover topics including:

  • Data Gathering and Goal Setting
  • Review of your current situation and ‘What-If” Scenarios
  • Investment Review and Recommendations
  • Review of Plan Action Items and Implementation Schedule
After the initial plan is completed we will meet on an as needed basis, but at least annually to review your progress, and update your plan as necessary.

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