Financial Review

The Financial Review is a one-time planning session of up to 3 hours where Long Financial Planning provides general advice on the following:

  • Investments (including IRAs, 401k plans etc.)
  • Cash Flow Management
  • College planning resources (if applicable)
  • Domestic Partnership planning issues (if applicable)

We can also provide our insight on other major financial decisions you are making. Note that some of these issues may be too complex to address fully in the Financial Review format.

Financial Review is best for clients who:

Have financial assets of <$1,000,000 and incomes of <$250,000

Want a quick review of their investments, cash flow, estate planning, and insurance.

Are willing to execute the recommendations themselves.

Are willing to take notes during our meeting and do not need written recommendations. (Client will be provided with some handouts).

Financial situation is fairly uncomplicated

How does it work?

  1. Contact Long Financial Planning and let us know you wish to schedule a Financial Review
  2. We will send you a short questionnaire along with an agreement to sign and bring you with to the meeting.
  3. Bring along any documents you wish to discuss to the meeting.
  4. We review your issues at the meeting and provide our insight and advice. You take notes on action steps. We do not provide written instructions at a Financial Review
  5. It is up to you to execute the recommendations. We are available for up to two weeks after the review for short e-mail clarification of our recommendations.

What are the fees?

The Fee for a Financial Review is $995.

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