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Financial Review Meeting

The Financial Review Meeting is a one-time planning session of up to 3 hours where Long Financial Planning provides general advice on the following:

Big Decisions Coming Up – How much can we afford to pay for a home purchase? Planning for Children?

Getting Close to Retirement – Am I on track to retire when I want to? Are my investments appropriate?

Change in Life Circumstances – I received an inheritance or recently divorce, how do I move forward?

Financial Review is best for:

Have financial assets of <$1,000,000 and who have the time and inclination to manage everything themselves.

Want a quick review of their investments, cash flow, estate planning, and insurance. Are willing to execute the recommendations themselves

How does it work?

Contact Long Financial Planning  and schedule a quick call with Chris to discuss your situation

After we talk, we’ll send you a scheduling email that has all the instructions on how to schedule a meeting and how to prepare.

We review your issues at the meeting and provide our insight and advice. You take notes on action steps. We do not provide written instructions at a Financial Review

It is up to you to execute the recommendations. We are available for up to two weeks after the review for short e-mail clarification of our recommendations.

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