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For Employers

How does your current 401k plan rate?  Are your fees to high?

See a sample copy of the Fee Comparison Analysis.

Assessment Tool for your Plan – We offer you a review of key areas of your plan in an easy to understand format. See a sample Fee Comparison Analysis.

Lowering overall plan costs- Typically our clients reduce the overall cost of their plan 20-50% with superior investment options.

Investment Monitoring- We help clients put a best practice process into place for investment evaluation and monitoring.

Employee Education – We provide in person education for employees that help them better understand the benefits of the plan to them and improve participation.

Who is it for:

A small business or non-profit that would like to start a best practices 401k plan?

An organization that wants to better understand hidden fees in their 401k or 403b plan?

An organization that wants to have an objective evaluation of the investment options in your 401k or 403b plan?

An organization that would like to provide education about investment options in their 401k or 403b plan to their employees.

If any of these questions resonate with you, we may be able to help.

Do you feel that you fully understand all of your obligations as a 401k plan provider even if you have outsourced your plan?

Are you confused about recent disclosures that you have received from your current provider about plan fees?

Were you shocked by the fees you have recently discovered in a plan that you thought was “free”?

Do you know what your plan is costing you personally as the business owner?

Have you been limited in the amount that you personally can contribute to your plan?

Have you been told that certain options are not available to you because your plan is “too small?”

Long Financial Planning does not sell 401k plans. Our services help you identify ways to improve your plan and lower its cost.

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